Server Move Completed!

The server move is completed. is now proudly hosted by We thank them for their help in moving us. To kick off an exciting move I figured we would recap the contests we currently have on the go.

  • SAW DVD Contest giving away a copy of SAW! Just to say "Thanks" to all our visitors we are now giving away a DVD copy of James Wan's "Saw."  This is one of the best horror films that came out last year so be sure to enter this contest. All you have to do to enter is send us your name, address, and age.  Also, please be sure to add "Saw DVD" in the subject.

    SAW is an intricate tale about a deviously intelligent game executed by a criminal genius who is passionate to teach his victims the value of life. Each detail is important, but see if you can retain them in this landscape of indelible horror. Terrifying in tone and effect, SAW is a who-done-it-thriller with twists and turns that continuously outpace expectations. Prepare yourself; you won't sleep easily tonight.

  •  Win Tobe Hoopers Toolbox Murders on DVD
    If there is one thing we love even more then movies here, its giving them away!. You can now enter to win a copy of Tobe Hoopers Toolbox Murders Remake, one of the greatest horror movies of 2005. WE only give away movies we like around here and this one is some Grade A Horror.
    To enter is easy, Email us your name, address and AGE and you are entered to win. The winner will be announced here! To read reviews, watch the trailer and learn more about the movie go here : Tobe Hoopers Toolbox Murders

So thanks for visiting, enjoy our new home! The site is even faster which makes your surfing that much more fun!


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