House of Wax 2 on the Way?


Joel Silver and Jaume Collet-Serra were doing some press work over the weekend and Silver was asked about a possible sequel to "House of Wax". It's alittle early to ask that though right? The movie hasn't even been released yet but people are already asking for a sequel. Well check out what he told Dark Horizons:

"At Dark Castle we don't make any sequels. There will be "The Reaping" as a sequel, it has nothing to do with it [House of Wax], it's just that's why we made Dark Castle. I've been involved in a lot of sequels and they may have been commercially successful but they weren't successful to me. With the Matrix...they weren't really a sequel they were serial fiction. To create another movie after another one is over just because it was successful I'm not going to do that."

Now thats what I like to hear from big producer types. At least Joel Silver has our best interest in mind and doesn't plan on milking us for our cash by releasing crappy sequels on us. I think Dark Castle has just become one of my favorite studios.



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