"Night Watch" gets a new Look!

Finally!!  I've been waiting for this and now Fox Searchlight has released the new one sheet for the upcoming Russian film - "Night Watch".. and I have to say it looks pretty slick.  

"Set in contemporary Moscow, Night Watch revolves around the conflict and balance maintained by the forces of light and darkness - the result of a medivil truce between the opposing sides.

As night falls the dark forces battle the super-human "Others" of the Night Watch, whose mission is to patrol and protect. But there is constant fear that an ancient prophecy will come true, that a powerful "Other" will rise up, be tempted by one of the sides and tip the balance plunging the world into a renewed war betweent the dark and the light, the result which would be catastrophic."

This film is scheduled for a limited release into theaters on July 29, 2005, with a wide release on August 26, 2005.


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