Early Review of "Ghost Lake" by Deadmanwalkin


Jay Woelfel was cool enough to send me a early copy of his upcoming film "Ghost Lake" - so as promised, here is my review of the film.   So you know what time it is freaks.. so sit back and relax with your favorite sharp instrument, cause it's "storytime" with the deadman.

Ghost Lake
Directed by Jay Woelfel

"And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works."   - Revelations 20:13

The film starts off with that quote from Revelations 20:13, and I thought it was appropriate to start off my review with the same quote, cause in reality, I’m judging Jay Woelfel by his works.. which is "Ghost Lake."

Ghost Lake, the film that tries to be everything (murder mystery, suspense/thriller, horror film, ghost story, as well as a zombie film), but in the end – it was really nothing at all. Which is kind of like the old saying "Jack of all trades; master of none." Jay mixes genres so much that he loses the viewer as well as the films true identity. This is not to say that I didn’t like certain aspects of the film – I did. At time’s "Ghost Lake" can be creepy as well as fun to watch, but more often than not, the viewer is taken down a winding, confusing path - one that by the end of the film, may leave you tired and worn.

Jay Woelfel is also credited with writing the story for "Ghost Lake" and I will give him props for trying to weave a deeper tale then what the synopsis implies. Even though I’m still confused about some of the "what’s" and "why’s" of the film, I am still able to recognize and applaud his effort. Also, I do thank him for sending me an advance copy of his film to review.

Now lets break this "bad boy" down and see what we come up with.

The story for "Ghost Lake" goes like this:

"Almost a century ago, the residents of a small upstate New York town were drowned by the creation of an artificial lake. Now, all these years later, their restless souls still reside at the bottom of that lake, and every thirteen years they come back, looking to fill the lake... with the living!

Rebecca (Tatum Adair) has just lost both of her parents to an unfortunate accident. In mourning, she goes to the small town of Rushford Lake, where she and her parents used to spend summers. Once there, however, she bears witness to a series of horrific events... the living dead are rising from the lake, with an apparently insatiable appetite for new souls.

Clinging to her last shreds of sanity, Rebecca must uncover the truth behind the lake, break the cycle, and keep the dead where they belong."

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