Death Tunnel is Alive and Twitching

As I was checking my mail today 'M' e-mailed me "Death Tunnel" to check it out. I looked over the site and thought it looked decent but I sheleved it because I was busy. Well today being a slow day I went back to it and I am now kicking myself because this movie looks great. I noticed that dmw has mentioned this on the site before way back in October but I think this movie needs to be put in the spotlight once again.

Not only is the website really cool to just browse through but the trailer is awesome. The movie is based on a true story of the hauntings of a Kentucky Sanatorium. Basically five college girls get left their for a initiation party. They are stalked throughout all five floors by the five ghosts that haunt the building.

The trailer really reminds me alot of some of the stuff that has been coming out of Japan. The atmosphere for this flick looks great with the exception of a couple of the party clips. Overall this movie is something I will defintly be looking into. When I get more info on the movie I will pass it on to you guys.

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