Blood Deep Poster Online

Our sister site Movies Online got their grubby hands on the new poster for "Blood Deep". Todd Kniss directed this film about a reunion of childhood friends turns deadly when one of the guests unwittingly admits to murder.

In 1979 a young boy is thought missing until his charred remains are soon found in a vacant field. Twenty-five years later a gathering of old friends reveals a murderous secret. High school sweethearts, Jamie and Wil, move back to their hometown and announce their engagement to a group of reunited childhood friends.

In attendance are Cal, who still carries a flame for Jamie, although he is currently married to Jan; Sean and Jacob, brothers who have suddenly, and tragically, inherited an enormous family fortune; and Jamie?s best friend, Robin, who brings along college roommate Eliza, a psychology student trained in hypnosis. Eliza?s talents soon become the life of the party but, while under hypnosis, one of the guests unwittingly confesses to murder.

Before the night is over the killing will begin again.

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