Win Horror on DVD Contest!


Thats right, we have another contest for you guys and I'm sure you'll love this flick. Dante Tomaselli is a great guy and an even better director so your not gonna want to miss out on getting your hands on a copy of this film.

Heres the synopsis for those of you who aren't famialiar with the film: When a group of wayward teens escape from a drug rehab center, they head straight for Rev. Salo, Jr., a psychopathic clergyman who offers the group eternal salvation. A series of bizarre occurrences happen once the group gets settled. They find out that the reverend and his wife, using powerful drugs, have enslaved their own daughter. Fearing for their own lives, the group turns toward Rev. Salo, Sr., a much nicer version of his son. Soon they realize that the father is actually a member of the undead. Lots of gore and bloody violence follow as the group of teens try their best to figure out a way to save themselves.

All you gotta do is e-mail us your name, age and address. Also in the subject put "Horror on DVD". 

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