Soisson Talks Feast


I was never interested in Project Greenlight until I heard they were doing a horror film. I have always been interested on how big studio horror films were made so I have been tuned in all season long. Despite the casting director being a pain and almost ruining the whole movie, I really enjoyed watching the show.

The producer of the movie just happens to Joel Soisson. He is the same guy that brought us both the "Dracula" and "Prophecy" franchises. During an interview with Moviehole he was asked about how Feast was doing.

So "Feast" is finished, right? How's it looking?
"Feast" is finished but except for an opening. The test audience loved the movie but wanted to know where our monsters came from. We never even thought to suggest an origin. Now we're busy trying to figure out where they come from before shooting a new opening.

Is "Project Greenlight", or even "Feast", going to be affected by the Weinsteins split from Miramax?
There was a lot of concern during the production but it turns out that "Feast" was one of only a handful of movies Bob and Harvey decided to take with them.

Next Thursday will be the finale of Project Greenlight so be sure to check it out on Bravo at 10pm. 

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