John Carpenter Speaks About Masters of Horror


With "The Fog" remake coming out soon John Carpenter has been doing alot of interviews. In this particular interview with ComingSoon he talked about what is happening with the 'Masters of Horror' TV show coming to Showtime.

 "It's a little series we're doing for Showtime. We each have an hour. Each of us has an hour to shoot in ten days. And the first director they got was John Landis. He's now way over budget and way over schedule. So there may not be anymore 'Masters of Horror'. He may do them in"

Of course he was joking around but that may mean that the series will be pushed back until they get enough epsiodes to start airing them. "Dario Argento starts next week. They pushed me later on the schedule because they're going to take all the money out of my show and put it in everybody else's".

Masters of Horror isn't due until 2006 and Carpenter plans on shooting his episode this summer.

"The story was written by Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan… It's called 'Cigarette Burns' and I've never seen anything else like it. It's real unique… I'll be shooting in July at some point. As I said, the first director up was John Landis. Last night I had dinner with Dario Argento. He's the second one up. They are going to kick the crew's *ss so by the time I get there you know. It'll be fun to do".

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