Stir of Echoes 2?


Lately their has been word flying around about a second Stir of Echoes. I have never seen the movie myself because it looked like the poor mans "Sixth Sense". But now with another film they might be able to improve on the story. Bloody Disgusting chatted with Adam Greene, the man who polished the script, about the film.

"The story is centered around Tom Witzky's son (Jake), who is starting to deal with disturbing visions very similar to his father's now that he is a senior in High School…Lions Gate brought me on last October to do a character and "scare" polish to the existing script, however I would imagine that the script has changed even more now that there is an official director attached and they are moving into production. I can't wait to see how it all turns out as when I last had my eyes on it- there were some moments that were genuinely creepy as hell."

No word on whether everyones favorite actor Kevin Bacon will reprise his role or not. Production is scheduled to begin on July 18th with a six week shoot.

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