Exclusive Video Episode 6: Sound Design (Shallow Ground)

Next up is Episode 6 which deals with the Sound Design behind Shallow Ground. Some people under estimate the value of sound in a film. Sometimes the quality of the sound in a movie can make the movie look like a big studio project or an indie shot in someones backyard. If you missed the previous episodes you can check them out first. Episode 1Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, and Episode 5.

Here is the Shallow Ground "Sound Design" Part 1 Feature.
This is in Quicktime and will only take a while to load depending on your connection.

In Shallow Ground a naked teenage boy covered in blood appears at a remote sheriff's station one year after the brutal unsolved murder of a local girl. Now sheriff Jack Shepherd, guilt ridden over the girl's murder must confront his own demons as he desperately searches for the boy's true identity and possible victims. Little does Jack realize that he had started down a path that will bring him face to face with an unthinkable horror. Before sunrise the living will pay for the pain the dead have suffered...

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