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"Dead and Breakfast" is one film that I am anxiously awaiting (as I'm sure many of you are).  It's being said that this film is as good or better than Shaun of the Dead (and I loved that film).. so you can guess, I'm "chomping at the bit" to see this one.  So until then, like the rest of us who have not been fortunate enough to catch a special screening at a film festival - we're gonna have to wait and accept any bits of scrapes that may fall our way.

Well peeps, I gotta good one for you.  Elaine (Movies Online) had a chance to interview Zach Selwyn ( Randall Keith Randall) from D&B and I have to say this is one hilarious interview.  So sit back, relax and get ready to "LOL".. so take it away Elaine!


Hi Zach. First of all, I want to thank you for taking time to tell us about yourself and "Dead and Breakfast" which sounds like an American version of "Dead Alive" or "Shaun of the Dead". When you first saw the script, what was your take on the film?

Shalom! Thanks for contacting me… I will always answer any question you have – Mainly because I am gainfully unemployed 90 % of the time- My first thoughts of the script were "Hot damn, (Matt) Leutwyler has written a mother f -cking brilliant film with that old ‘cult classic’ potential…

And I’m honored that he has asked me to be a part of his journey…

Q. I checked out your bio on IMdb and I have to say that you sound like a Western version of Dwight Yoakam – musician, actor, composer and screenwriter. How accurate a statement would that be?

I think Dwight Yoakam is a "western version of Dwight Yoakam…". I consider myself more of the bastard love child of Adam "Adrock" Horowitz, Jackson Browne, Slick Rick, Jerry Garcia, Jack Black, Hunter S. Thompson, Cameron Crowe, Chevy Chase, Randy Newman and Mary Tyler Moore… with a touch of Rick Springfield.

Q.  Tell us about Randall Keith Randall, your character in "Dead and Breakfast"? He has been described as a "country-rap narrator" and you composed three original songs for the film. For someone who hasn’t seen the film yet, how can your character be explained without giving too much of the story away.

Randall Keith Randall is a simple man. A garage mechanic with dreams of the big time. He longs for a career in the musical industry, a mansion on some Palisades hill…

A 19-year-old girlfriend and a tall, cold "cerveza" with a lime in it… Modelo Light is his favorite beer, but he’ll settle for anything free. He only plays live shows because he enjoys the free chicken wings… He’s available for Bar Mitzvahs.

Q.  What was the experience of filming "Dead and Breakfast" like? It was shot in three weeks, with a budget of $500,000 – sounds like some brutal guerrilla filmmaking. With lots of fake blood.

It was a beautiful Northern California winter… Every actor hung around, drank a shitload of beer, smoked the pants out of the NorCal grass and helped each other with their own respective roles…

I’d ask Jeff Morgan for advice; he’d ask me for advice. Matt and Josh Meyerson were always making sure everyone was taken care of… we’d both call Erik Palladino for East Coast "how-to-keep-warm" at 3 a.m. advice…we’d talk about how strange it was to be working with "so much blood…" we’d all end up supporting each other and laughing – trying to break into the hotel Jacuzzi with a fake room-key and a bottle of Jack Daniels… Quite possibly the best 3 weeks ever…

Q.  The film has a lot of "names" in it – David Carradine, Gina Philips, Portia de Rossi, Jeremy Sisto, Ever Carradine, Erik Palladino, Diedrich Bader, Oz Perkins. How were they all like to work with? Any anecdotes to dish on anyone?’

Sure… I never met any of those "big names." Wish I had, but other than our scene together, Ever and I never shared a syllable… I’m kidding. NEVER look Gina Phillips in the eye, however. You’ll be fired on the spot.

Q.  How did you come to be involved with "Dead and Breakfast"?

Matt Leutwyler wrote and directed this film. We have been great friends for many years – He had known my wife Wendy, originally, and he had also been involved in the sketch comedy group (A.S.S.)

I have been a part of since about 1998 – We had done some spec commercials, sketches, dinner parties…etc.- and we have always had always had a wonderful connection, and since my wife is his all-star first baseman he felt like he owed us some love – Thank God he decided that my music was the love he wanted to spread…

Q.  Are you a fan of horror movies? Which ones and have you seen any recently that you thought especially entertaining?

No, I strictly watch porn.

Q.  Is there going to be a soundtrack release for "Dead and Breakfast"?

Yes… But it will be posthumous. For me, anyway,

Q.  How would you rate "Dead and Breakfast" on a gore level, 0-10? How about on a scare level and a "sit back and enjoy the fun" level, also 0-10?

Gore – 9 – Scare – 2… One thing that needs to be noted - This film is more of a comedy than a scare fest. It is a spoof… A lighthearted take on the world of horror moves - Gore? Sure, there’s a shitload. Laughs? There are even more…

Q.  There has been so much comparison of "Dead and Breakfast" to Peter Jackson’s "Dead Alive", Sam Raimi’s "Evil Dead 2" and "Shaun of the Dead". Which one of those films would you say is the most accurate comparison?

Like I said, I only watch porn. Maybe "One Crazy Summer?"

Q.  Were you surprised when "Dead and Breakfast" started winning awards, getting the amount of press it has been getting and hearing the word of mouth that’s been going around about it?

Not really – I think "Dead and Breakfast" is one of the most original, creative and fascinating films I have ever seen – Not since "Death to Smoochy" have I felt this way…

Q.  What was the most fun for you about doing "Dead and Breakfast"?

My seventeen (uncut and available on DVD only) love scenes.

Q.  Has there been any talk of a sequel? Would we see Randall Keith Randall in it, in some form?

Randall Keith Randall does not die (officially) in the original film – he will always be alive, and, until the film starts raking in some "Moulin Rouge" money, the mystery of his apparent death continues to grow… I pitched Matt a sequel where Randall Keith discovers the Kuman Thong and while playing a gig at an Indian casino, he accidentally opens it – mayhem ensues.

Q.  How about some background information on yourself – you grew up in Tucson and attended the University of Southern California. What did you study at USC and has music always been your passion. Anything else we should know about Zach Selwyn that isn’t on IMdb?

I studied the entire world from an early age – for some reason, making people happy has always been my thing – from acting to songwriting to hosting to ass-kissing to enjoying to loving to crying to writing to experiencing to exposing to believing to LAUGHING I have just been in love with doing what you love doing – why settle for anything else??

We’re here for 80 years…depending on your pharmacist…. I have a band – we play together often… check out our website I did study "Broadcast Journalism" which makes me one of the hosts of "Extreme Dodgeball…" 18 new episodes begin July 19 on GSN… Did that whole ESPN "Dream Job" thing.

Got robbed… I have a weird fan base that revolves around the 250-pound Middle America sports guy – Those are my people.

Q.  Finally, are you a fan of and

Absolutely – I am a big fan of your websites and I hope you some day uncover YOUR "Woodrow and Bernstein" story!



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