Kane Hodder Waves Jason Goodbye


I have talked to Kane several times and he is really a cool guy. Always open with his fans and just a great down to earth guy. Its a shame he didn't get to play Jason in Freddy vs. Jason but I guess eventually he had to hang up the hockey mask.

"Yeah, I guess I’ve made peace with the idea," Hodder tells Fango on the set of his latest horror film HATCHET. "For the most part, anyway. It’s always going to be a sore spot with me. After all, it was none of my doing that I don’t play Jason anymore." He admits that not playing the masked maniac has left him with an empty feeling. "It’s sad, because I loved playing the character. The fact that the decision was made not to use me without actually involving me at all, I’ll probably always feel pretty insulted by it."

I've always felt that he portrayed the best Jason. He just has Jason pinned down. The look, the walk, and even some very cool ideas for death scenes. But there is still hope that someday New Line will approach him with the project again.

"I’ll always be proud of the fact that I played Jason. It will never be anything I will be sorry I did. Jason was such a notable character. But it’s time to move on and do other things."

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