Some Insight into Tobe's "Mortuary"

Now to say these dudes are F'N lucky is an understatement.  Outside of the fact that our friends from Arrow in the Head is over at the Cannes Film Fest, they also got a chance to view 18 mins of Tobe Hooper's latest horror film "Mortuary."  

Here's some of what they had to say:

"I was wooed by the look of the film. The image had a grainy 16 mm like feel to it (although I think it was shot on HD) while the tombstones/Goth statues filled mortuary setting was deliciously dread filled. Now that’s a bleak looking opus!"

"Slutty girls with big tits and small tops were plenty, that’s always a plus for me!"

"From these 18 minutes, Mortuary looked like a flick that "horror borrowed" a lot in order to create its own genre concoction. You get your “ghost story?, your “zombie opus? and your “possesion/infection? jamboree all in one. To be honest, from what I saw, I’m not fully sold on it yet."

Slutty girls with big ol' ta-ta's.. it's a plus for me too!  You can read the read of Arrow's insight here.  Mortuary is scheduled to be released on July 25, 2005. 

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