Fox is looking for the "Perfect Creature"


Glenn Standrings vampire fare "Perfect Creature" is being scooped up by 20th Century Fox in a deal that was confirmed yesterday. This deal marks the largest sale of any New Zealand film ever. The film stars  Dougray Scott, Saffron Burrows, Stuart Wilson and Scott Wills.

Set during the 1960s in an alternate New Zealand known as Nuovo Zelandia, Perfect Creature imagines a world where vampires and humans peacefully co-exist, with the bloodsuckers the next step in human evolution. As the film opens, an influenza epidemic is sweeping the human population. In addition to overseeing a powerful church, the ghouls are valued for their ability to protect humans from DNA mutations, and have a healing power in their blood.

Fox plans on releasing the film in a very wide release this year sometime.

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