Goons DVD Release Guide for 5/17


Hey, Goons DVD Release Guide is back! After a couple of weeks of hiatus its back. Well due to nothing coming out with even a smidge of horror in it I didn't have a guide. Finally this week there are a couple of decent titles that are worth picking up.

But first I have to issue a apology for suggesting "Street Tales of Terror" a few weeks back. I finally got the chance to watch that the other night and I could have probably filmed a better movie with me and a couple of extras from House of the Dead.

Now first up is the Japanese sensation Battlefield Baseball. To me it looks like Shaolin Soccer meets Versus. Plenty of gore and crazy zombies for any horror fan. The basic premise is that two baseball teams are fighting for the top spot with one of the teams being made up completely of well armed zombies.

Now this one is almost a given this week, The Grudge Directors Cut DVD. Now I understand that this is a required taste but this is definetely for those who loved the film or even mildly liked it. I guess it might even work for those of you who didn't like the theatrical release and were hoping for more, this could be it.

Another Japanese title that is being released is Infection. I'll just leave you with the synopsis and you can decide for yourself. A patient in a hospital dies due to malpractice. In a panic, the doctors responsible stage a cover up.  Shortly thereafter, another patient is left at the hospital doors dying of bizarre symptoms.  When the patient dies, the doctors involved in the cover up being acting strangely then one by one develop the same mysterious and deadly symptoms... Alot of good buzz has surrounded this movie so I would say run out and grab it.

Skinned Deep.. Nuff said. I think many of you have heard the buzz circling around about this movie and I give it my stamp of pre-approval. I've heard its ultra gory and full of surprises. It's coming off of Fangoria's GoreZone label so I am hoping this one lives up to the hype that is surrounding it.

Lastly I'm just gonna give White Noise a little attention. I haven't seen this yet personally but from all the trailers and TV spots I have seen I can't wait to check it out. Unfortunately from all the reviews I have read its not so good. But hey since Michael Keaton hasn't made a good flick since ""Beetlejuice" so do him a favor and pick this one up.

Alright once again another edition of "Goons Approval" has come to a close. Hopefully I will be back next week. I haven't looked ahead to see if I will be back next week but I have decided that if nothing is out next week horror related I will post up a non horror DVD release guide on our sister site Movies Online.

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