Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator: Take a look at the Artwork

Props to NEWSARAMA for getting an inside look to the upcoming "Ash vs The Re-Animator" comic.  This four part story arc will intro the soon to be released "Army of Darkness" comic book series.  
The "Ash vs The Re-Animtor" story goes like this: "Ash escapes from Arkham Asylum right into the middle of the Necronomicon-influenced attempt to bring the banished Old Gods back to our world. Herbert West, the Re-Animator, is now the head doctor of the asylum and has been preparing an army of re-animated undead to usher in the new world order of the Old Ones." 
This first comic of the series is scheduled to be released in July 2005.  Till then, dig on some of the art work that is below and here.

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