"The Gravedancers" - Could a Sequel be in the Works?


We havent even gotten the first installment of "The Gravedancers" yet, and it looks like a possible sequel could be in the works.  Bloody Disgusting got a tip from an "anonymous scooper" that:

"Mike (Director) called back to North Carolina a few weeks ago to let a local actor playing the *real* baddie in the film that he'd be the focus of a sequel. See, the ghosts are our antagonists for the flick - but there's someone responsible for putting the card featuring the gravedancers lament incantation on the graves... the cemetery keeper.

He's barely in this film but Mike's insanely enthusiastic about a sequel and for someone that's passed on so many ideas in recent years - I believe in him and his project. He knows what he's doing."



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