John Carpenter is a "Psychopath"


Is John Carpenter ever going to slow down? Recently he has been on the set of The Fog remake and gearing up for his Masters of Horror epsiode. Now he is working alongside Titan Productions on "Psychopath". Right after Clive Barker announced he was going to oversee a game and direct the movie Carpenter is doing the same.

Psychopath is about an ex-CIA operative called back into action to stop a serial killer who begins to question his own sanity. Now the idea doesn't sound to original but with somebody like Carpenter helping out I'm sure he can add alittle something to the plot. I hope they let Carpenter score the game as well.

All of this has come ala E3 the huge video game convention that is held every year in Los Angeles. Basically everything that has to do with video games in the following year is unveiled at this convention. So far that is all the info released about the game and movie. I will be sure to keep you guys informed as I hear more info.

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