7 new City of the Dead Game screenshots !

Our buddies from Game-Reviews.ca got their hands on 7 new pictures for the upcoming City of the Dead video game, inspired by the Zombie movies of George Romero. And boy, we won't miss the gore in this game.

"City of the Dead" begins as four desperate survivors escape a ravaged zombie infested city by helicopter. After making it to the remote island of Isla Morta, an accident destroys their only means of escape. Unbeknown to them the island is home to a top secret military installation, overrun by the walking dead.

Armed with an arsenal of traditional and futuristic weaponry, players must battle the living dead from dusk ‘till dawn in series of abandoned locales. With split-screen co-op missions, party mode, and four-player online feature, “City of the Dead? also promises a range of multiplayer features that allow gamers to play as human or zombie.

Be sure to check out all screenshots at Game-Reviews.ca.

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