Sid Haig talks House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim


Now that Sid Haig is finally becoming more and more popular due to his more mainstream efforts in the horror genre he has become much more accessible. Fangoria recently got the chance to talk to the man about his work on House of the Dead 2.

“I play a professor who makes a very botched attempt at re-animating people and basically winds up in the soup,? laughs the easygoing genre icon. “I am a bad guy in the movie, who just goes out to find dead bodies—and if there are any lying around, he just helps himself.?

I'm sure we are all aware about how the Uwe Boll "House of the Dead" turned out. Well Haig is quick to agree but believes that this film will be much better.

“I’ll tell you the truth—I couldn’t watch it all,? he says. “But from what I can see—and I only worked three days on the sequel—it is a much better film, with lots of action, excellent makeup; it’s pretty scary.?

He goes on to say that this time around the movie is going to be completely different. They may even drop the "House of the Dead 2" part and just keep "Dead Aim". That definetly sounds like a good call to me. I think WAY to many peoples mouth will go sour if they hear this is the sequel to "House of the Dead". Right now they are saying that a theatrical release is possible.

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