John Carl Buechler talks about Hatchet FX

Adam Greens "Hatchet" has been filming over the past couple weeks and they have been keeping a journal on the official site. Last night I finally saw something that really caught my eye and made me even more excited about this movie. John Carl Buechler commented on how the special FX were used in the film.

"When Sarah Elbert (producer) first brought the project my way, I was interested right away, because these people wanted to go ALL OUT in the make-up effects for this film.

This is something I was NEVER allowed to do. Even in my own picture FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 7: THE NEW BLOOD, the censors castrated my picture, removing all the gore, and visceral intensity. It was like telling a joke with no punch-line. I almost gave up directing after that mess. Not so on this picture. I was allowed to go over the limit.

As cathartic as it all was, the starting point for me had to be the VICTOR CROWLY make-up. If I wasn’t inspired by his appearance, I wouldn’t be inspired to take the next step forward. Adam Green allowed me to design one of the most satisfying characters that I’ve ever created. As I looked at my sketches and final sculpture, I realized that I’d created a new icon. And the make-up itself, as innovative and horrifying as the Jason Make-up I’d created for my friend Kane Hodder as Jason some 18 years ago. Having an amazing and intense actor as Kane play him made it work on a level beyond amazing.

It was great seeing Kane run around in the make-up and scare the shit out of all the actors."

Sounds like this is really going to rock. So far I have not heard whether or not this film will get a theatrical release or not. A hazy release date of Halloween has been given. I'll keep you guys updated on how the project moves along in the coming months.

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