Horror Movers & Shakers 5/25

Since today has been a slow day, we got to thinking that with all these nifty new updates the site has gotten why not do a column on all of the movies that have moved way up or way down. So "Horror Movers & Shakers" was born.

Actress Apocalypse UP 1,019 Spots:
As most of you know we have gotten a major face lift and this will be our column to inform you on what is gonna be a hot ticket for sure. The first movie I am going to mention is Actress Apocalypse. This film has moved up 1,019 spots on our list. Personally I've never heard of the film but it must have something special going for it.

The film follows self-centered filmmaker David Lincoln as he is about to make one of the most horrifying slasher films ever made. He allows a documentary film crew to record the making of his historic film, but instead, the crew captures the film’s downfall, as his psychotic brother murders all of the nubile young actresses who audition for the film.

Revenge of the Dead UP 1,024 Spots:
Next up is Revenge of the Dead another film that I am completely unaware of. This is why we have this column we can all catch up on films that fly under our radar that might deserve a second look. This movie moved up 1,024 spots. Not to shabby. Basically this is a story of a man who finds the writings of a mad scientist who experimented with raising the dead.

Flesh Crawl UP 1,170 Spots:
Flesh Crawl has gone up in the horror tomb 1,170 spots. I would describe this movie as Dog Soldiers meets Zombies. Only in this flick it involves some clueless campers which always makes for a great horror flick in my opinion.

Hostel UP 1,382 Spots:
Now onto a movie I know alittle more about Hostel which has moved and shaked its way up 1,382 spots. This movie has just started to recieve some attention due to the images that have been released recently. This will be Eli Roths answer to Takashi Miikes "Audition" which is quite a challenge. Not much is known about the film right now except that the film will follow some backpackers as they are picked off one by one.

Fragile UP 1,481 Spots:
The movie with the most moves is Fragile. Having climbed up the list 1,481 this is the film we just plugged a day or so ago with a new poster. Oddly enough this movie stars Calista Flockhart. Yea, I scratched my head to but from the synopsis it sounds like a pretty good idea. Little kids running around scared of an evil in the attic of a hospital.

Well that will wrap up the first "Horror Movers & Shakers" column. I hope you all take a look at the films mentioned above. They make it on this column for a reason.. You guys are interested! So go check out whats hot and whats not at the Horror Tomb Top 100 


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