Dario Argento joins Hooper and Hellman on Horror Anthology

Apparently at the Cannes Film Festival there was a big announcement that Argento would be directing one story of a trilogy according to Dark Dreams. I really like anthologies and with the other stories directed by Tobe Hooper and Monte Hellman this is even better news. After "The Toolbox Murders" from Hooper I can't wait to see more from him. 
Shooting will be scheduled for September using a script by Dennis Bartok. This would be the first time that Argento has directed something written by someone else. So far the anthology is untitled and this gets me wondering about when he is going to fit in time to film his Masters of Horror episode. It was also recently announced that he would finally do the third of the "Three Mothers" movies. It looks like Argento is as busy as he has ever been. Hopefully he will get his magic touch back.
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