BattleField BaseBall: Bring yer own Ammo!

Did you enjoy Shaolin Soccer? Have you always wanted to see a full contact version of Baseball including grenades, swords, automatic weapons and spearing of player at first base? Well boy is this film for you. Lets start off with this film is for adults only. If your not of age, time to go look at a different film.
The baseball diamond is not just a place to play sports. No, it is a coliseum where gladiators wage war for their very lives with bats, balls and gloves. It is a boxing ring. It is an arena of death. It is, like love, a battlefield. Seido High has a championship baseball team until they clash with the living dead zombies of Gedo High who rip off their heads, pull out their arms and explode their guts in a display of fighting baseball skills that will make your blood run cold.

Now, the coach of Seido High turns to the loner, Jubeh, with his fantastic pitching skills, to save his team from total annihilation. But Jubeh has sworn never to pitch again after accidentally killing his father while playing catch. He explains this in a particularly moving song that will bring a tear to every eye, even the eyes of dogs, but the coach of Seido High is not moved. He is begging for help! How can Jubeh refuse? He canít! And with the assistance of Megane, the simpering nerd whose mother keeps him locked in a cage so he wonít play baseball, the aid of cyborgs (science is a miracle!) and with his luck, his belief in the power of organized sports, and the help of good-hearted fans of baseball everywhere, maybe it is time that Seido High go all the way to the championship and win. Yeah!

Watch the trailer, and rate the film it is all in the BattleField Baseball section of the site!

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