Stories of a Gravedigger Trailer Online


We just were notified that Stories of a GraveDigger is going to be available on DVD. It is Three tales of terror in this new horror anthology.  The trailer, which is more of a general clip from the dvd it seems is right below for your viewing pleasure. It looks pretty cool and you can look for MovieMavens review as soon as she gets her hot little mittens on the screener copy.

Just Another Night - This was suppose to be just another night like the others for John. But it seems that old patiens of the hospital decided to choose that night for vengeance. John's mind will awake the living dead and this night might be....his last!

La Diable - There's a old legend surounding that river. It say that the indians gave the name "La Diable" to the river because it was the middle point of a war 400 years ago. Now, 6 friends ignore this legend and they will try to cross La Diable. But they couldn't imagine that the Evil is closer than they think.

Room 66 - Room 66 is the story of a writer who needs to finish his book in just one night. But something strange is happening in his hotel room and he ask himself if he has open something never made to be unlock. Is it hell...?

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