Mortuary: The Flash Game

Looking to pass the time while waiting for the next Tobe Hooper "Mortuary" update?  Well you shouldn't.. all your spare time should be spent here or at MoviesOnline (lol).. but let's just say you do have a spare moment or two and you love flash games, then I might have something to help you kill time - till at least the next Mortuary update comes.

Mortuary: The Game.  Your mission is to use your trusty bola (what the hell is a bola you say?), a bola is a rope with weights, used to catch animals.. so by using your bola and the accuracy meter.. you are off to catch kangaroo jack - honest folks.. I'm not making this up and I never said that this was a good game.

For those who feel a need, you can play the game at the official site for the film, here

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