Dream of the Dead on IFC


Alright Dead fans, if you seem to not be able to get enough of George Romero's upcoming zombie film "Land of the Dead" - well I have something else for you to "sink your teeth" into: "Dream of the Dead: The Making of Land of the Dead."

Starting on June 12, 2005 (6:30 pm) IFC (The Independent Film Channel) will air this half hour program - giving us an IFC exclusive visit to the set and look at the making of "Land of the Dead," the forthcoming fourth film.

Dream of the Dead will be helmed by none other than Roy Frumkes, who originally brought us "Document of the Dead" - can you say "f'n sweet!" The only downside I can see to this upcoming "making of" is that it's only a half-hour long.. IT'S NOT ENOUGH! But maybe later this year we will see a lengthier version of Dream of the Dead.

For additional dates and times, head over to IFC and check out the schedule (here). Now I just need to see if my cable company carries that channel. Knowing the deadman's luck, that would be "negative."

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