Is a Live Action Evil Ernie in the Works!?!

deadmanwalkin got a chance to talk to Chaos! Comics President and Publisher Brian Pulido (during the Fangoria's Weekend of Horror), on the possibility of one of his coolest characters, "bad boy" Evil Ernie coming to the big screen in a live action feature film.
Here's a bit on what Brian had to say:
"A live action Evil Ernie has got to be the coolest undone horror movie of all time." He goes on to say that he can't talk about what specific studio he's in talks with, but he say's "Something definately is happening."  What studio could he be in talks with?? Hmmm.. here's a clue; "It's a moderate size studio, which would allow us a lot of freedom, cause Evil Ernies gotta be a (hard R)"
Now that has Lions Gate written all over it.. and I would definately dig a "Evil Ernie" live action film.




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