J.T. Petty to work on Storage


My man J.T. Petty is set to help polish up a concept for a new film from the UK Film Council titled "Storage" - where people are in an underground storage facility and terror stalks them.  Their only hope for survial "may mean a fate worse than death."

Lucky Elliot’s James Gay-Rees explained their decision to bring in J.T. Petty to re-write the British concept:

"Petty is bringing an intelligent, subversive sensibility to the movie. We don't want to make another mindless thrasher."

Now this is a cool bit of news for the deadman, cause I'm a fan of J.T. Petty.  I've said before that he is a director to keep an eye on, and if you havent seen any of his films yet, you should.  Two of his films are currently available for rent, his first major directorial debut film "Mimic 3: Sentinel" or his recently released student film, "Soft for Digging." 


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