Goons DVD Release Guide for 6/7


Alright this week there are some really good DVD's coming out. So we have quite a few to go over so lets dive right into the list starting with Don Mancinis "Seed of Chucky". This might not be everybodys cup of tea but if you are a fan of the little guy this DVD is a must own.

Next up is a film that I have been waiting ages to see "The Machinist" starring a pale and emaciated Christian Bale. All I've heard about this movie is good things so this one should be a no brainer. Directed by Brad Anderson (Session 9) this film tells the story of Trevor Reznik who has insomnia and begins to live in his own personal nightmare.

Now some of you may already own this DVD but this one will be packed with extra features. Its none other than David Cronenbergs "Dead Ringers". Cronenberg always takes a unique look at horror and finds out what scares the average person. Usually its not the killer in the woods but something far more sinister and disturbing.

Pinhead is back! This time he is terrorizing a journalist who uncovers an underground group that can bring back the dead and slowly becomes drawn into their world. This all happens in Pinheads next flick Hellraiser: Deader.

Also on my list of must haves is The Stink of Flesh by our friend Scott Phillips. I was supposed to see this movie at Cinema Wasteland last October but due to some unforseen car troubles I wasn't able to make it. But a couple buds of mine have already seen the flick and they loved it.

Lastly on the list is a little film by Project Green Light Joel Soisson Prophecy: Uprising. This film stars Kari Wuhrer and Doug Bradley and has sort of a Necromonicon twist in it only their book is called the Lexicon. I'm gonna have to check this one out.

Well once again thats my list and I'm stickin to it. I hope you guys find these Guides useful. So check those DVDs out and come back next week for another list with more horror DVDs for you to check out. 

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