Deadman's Toys - Patient Zero

Goon first broke the news on this new figure from Sideshow Collectable that is scheduled to be a Comic-Con 2005 Exclusive (here).. but all that was available at the time was a teaser pic.  Now Sideshow has let "Patient Zero" out - giving us a full look at this new bad ass zombie figure. 

Here's what Sideshow Collectables is saying about this new 12" exclusive figure:

" They will look to shut this down quickly so pay attention. It has started. Sideshow Collectibles, despite anything they tell you, has made patient zero. In general, the term Patient Zero refers to the central or initial patient in the population sample of an epidemiological investigation. What will come of this is 'investigation' is anyone's guess, but where there is one there are potentially many. Move quickly, watch your back, don't lose sight of the truth. The Dead do exist and they will be looking for you..."

This 2005 San Diego Comic-Con 2005 exclusive 12 inch Patient Zero figure includes:

  • Bloodied and weathered fabric outfit complete with button up shirt, wristwatch, pants and shoes.
  • Severed human arm
  • Newspaper
  • 12 inch figure display stand with 'The Dead' logo

Again, this figure is a Comic Con 2005 Exclusive, limited to only 300 figures at a price of $45.00 each. Also you need to know that it's available for pick-up only at Comic-Con 2005. This figure is part of their 'Collect-n-Go' program, with an estimated shipdate of July 2005. 

So, if you plan on going to Comic-Con 2005 and want to be sure you get "Patient Zero", you can pre-order the figure here.

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