Billy Connolly is on board for Fido


Billy Connolly has jumped on board to star in Fido for Lions Gate and Anagram Pictures. He will be joining Dylan Baker, Carrie-Anne Moss, Tim Blake Nelson and Henry Czerny which will be helmed by Andrew Currie. Shooting will begin wednesday in Canada.

Fido details the effects of Earth’s passage through a cloud of space dust, which results in the dead arising from their graves. In an attempt to quell the mayhem, a patented “domestication collar? is invented by a company called ZomCom, helping society integrate the zombie hordes, who quickly become “gardeners, milkmen, butlers and even pets.? A boy named Timmy Robinson befriends a ghoul that his mom buys to help around the house—and then has to defend his new pal when the creature’s collar goes wonky and it begins reverting to its flesheating ways.

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