Casting for Ten has Begun

Another one of our good director friends dropped us a line to let us know he will begin casting for his latest flick, Ten. In Ten Special agent Baker wakes up in the secure lair of a deranged killer named "The Reaper" because of his unusual way of doing things. Reaper forces Baker to play a dangerous game. In which, he’s forced to fight and kill an assortment of killers in mortal combat. If reaches the number ten, he will be freed.

If this movie turns out anywhere near as cool as it sounds this will be on my must see list. If you would like to try out for the film drop Bobby a line at:

BG Films
33 Myrtle Avenue
Irvington, NJ 07111

We will be following this movie all the way up to its release. So make sure you keep dropping for more from Bobby Guions and crew.

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