Anderson is Prepping Resident Evil 3 AND 4!


It looks like Paul W.S. Anderson is getting a little ahead of himself. Apparently Anderson and his pal Jeremy Bolt are getting ready to film both Resident Evil 4 before he has even begun shooting on Resident Evil 3. Resident Evil: Afterlife will be filming in Australia, with principle photography planned for November or December.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Resident Evil 4 will be set in Tokyo, and they are looking to shoot the film in Japan. "Afterlife" will be set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with mutant zombies. "Afterlife" will play in the Nevada desert with the Aussie outback standing in for the American wasteland. In the final reel, the action will shift to Japan, setting up the fourth edition.

Of course Milla Jovovich is scheduled to reprise her role as Alice but nothing has been set in ink yet. I'm not sure if it is a good idea to rush another sequel out before they even get box office figures for Afterlife but I do like that they are going for a new look for the franchise.

Contiributing Source: Mr. HoRrOr

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