Cannibal Holocaust 2?


Ruggero Deodato, the man who became famous for his shockingly brutal cannibal film Cannibal Holocaust might be doing a sequel. When he spoke with Fangoria magazine he said, “I want to do it—I have written two stories,? says the director, who notes that he will be busy until February shooting his new serial for Italian television. “One is a very metropolitan story, like CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST but set in Rome. The other is closer to the original, and set in the jungle. I hope that it will be possible to shoot it, but I don’t know. Just now in Italy, it is not easy to find financing.?

Well as we all know its not just Italy where its hard to find financing. He also went on to say that he has no idea when the American Cannibal Holocaust DVD will be available. As most of us know his original Cannibal film was made famous for using real live animals. But this time around he is going to stay away from that.

“No—I am finished with that, no more,? he says. “I was stupid to introduce animals.?

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