Bangkok Haunted DVD News


I've been keeping my eye out for this one.. from the directors of "The Eye" comes "Bangkok Haunted."

"In Legend of the Drum, an antiques dealer comes across an ancient instrument that may open a gateway to another plane of existence – while also revealing shocking secrets about the dealer herself. Black Magic Woman presents the cautionary tale of an aphrodisiac whose pull turns out to be all too powerful. Revenge follows a police cadet who is haunted by the suicide of a beautiful young girl and seeks to uncover the truth of her demise – only to learn more than he could have ever been prepared to handle.

A horror anthology like no other, Bangkok Haunted unites acclaimed filmmakers Oxide Pang (Revenge) and Pisuth Praesang-Iam (Legend of the Drum, Black Magic Woman) in an atmosphere of total creative freedom and limitless storytelling possibilities.

Angular, unsettling, and abundantly stylish."

PANIK HOUSE is proud to present BANGKOK HAUNTED in its restored original aspect ratio as overseen by the film’s producers for the first time ever!  Digitally re-mastered, uncut and uncensored, with optional English and Spanish Subtitles and separate Bilingual Menus in English & Spanish.

Extras will include:

Behind-The-Scenes: The Making of Bangkok Haunted documentary featurette, Cinema Pang: A Pang Brothers Biography by Art Black, Theatrical trailers, Poster and Still Galleries, Production notes, Special Insert Card and Sticker, Thai Cinema: An Essay by Art Black.

Bangkok Haunted is scheduled to be released onto DVD on July 26, 2005.



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