Neil LaBute Talks about Wicker Man Remake

Neil LaBute will be the man behind the camera directing the next remake for "The Wicker Man". Total Film magazine got the chance to interview and of course the question of "why this film?" came up. "I always loved the movie and I loved the script in particular, but I never thought that it was completed so well that it couldn't be touched again....We'll probably lose 'The', so it'll actually be Wicker Man. That gives it some distance so Christopher Lee doesn't come over here and kick my ass."

LaBute wanted to make his film a little bit different than the original. So he toyed with the idea for awhile and this is what he came up with. "It maintains the same sort of structure. The basic premise will be that of a patriarchal society changed to a matriarchal society and rather than being Christian pagan, or God versus other gods, we're going to have a sort of Dionysian vibe."

LaBute is currently tweaking the script and gathering up some supporting cast which is right now toplined by Nicolas Cage. Cage will play the role of Edward Woodward, a sheriff that investigates the disappearance of a young girl on a remote island off the coast of Maine. His hopes of unraveling the girl's disappearance become increasingly uncertain when he discovers evidence of pagan rituals.

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