Exclusive Interview: Return of the Living Dead 4 & 5

Goon and the Maven had a chance to toss some questions at Aimee Lynn Chadwick about the upcoming Return of the Livign Dead 4 & 5 movies. I cant wait since I love Return of the Living Dead 1 & 2. Anyrate,without an further delay or ado, here is the interview

You have two exciting films coming up in which you play a lead character.  Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis and Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave to the Grave are both soon to be released.  Tell us a little about your role in these films and how you got involved with the projects.

I play the character Becky Carlton, she is the "nerdy" one of the group.  She manages to kick some zombie butt in 4 without really knowing how, and in five skips out on a Halloween party to break a cardinal rule in any horror movie.  Thus, leading to her demise.  I auditioned for this role last April, and, being a fan of any horror, or gore movie, was sooooo excited when I got to read the script I was determined to be cast.  So I auditioned and got chosen after I believe 1 or 2 callbacks and flew to Romania a short time after.

ROTLD 5 and 4 currently sit at numbers 28 and 29 respectively on The HorrorMovies.ca Top 100 and they are rising quickly.  That is out of over 2,000 films. What is your reaction to the popularity of these films?

I think that is amazing.  The franchise of Return of the Living dead has been around so long, and a lot of people know about it. I can only hope we did our job well enough to give the ROTLD fans what they need....MORE BRAINZ!!!   

These films were shot back to back.  Did that make for a grueling schedule?

Our schedule in Romania fluctuated.  We could either have late nights to early mornings everyday non stop little sleep, or we could have weeks at a time where we would work maybe once.  Depending on your character.  Being in a foreign land during that down time you could do 1 of 2 things..sit and mope or get out and explore.  I chose to explore and was lucky enough to venture around the country a little.  Romania is such a beautiful place, the black sea, the mountains, etc.  I was also determined to hit Rome and check out the Dario Argento museum, that was a biiiig highlight of my trip.

What was it like filming at Chernobyl? That had to be seriously creepy. Describe the atmosphere and experience for our readers.

None of the main actors actually went to Chernobyl our scenes didn't call for it.  However, on a week or so hiatus, our director Ellory, some camera and make up guys, and producers went.  They described the creepy atmosphere over there and some of the great shots they took, one being of an old  abandoned ferris wheel.  We were all waiting for their skin to start glowing. 
It didn't.

Peter Coyote plays a lead as well.  I have always enjoyed his work and he seems like he would be a nice guy.  Did you enjoy working with him?

Peter was a great guy.  On our down moments on set he would talk to us, give us advice.etc.   Just a super down to earth  TALENTED  guy. I felt honored to be able to get to work with him.

We have heard that they plan to release both films on October 7th. Do you know anything about the release of the film?  

I haven't heard both at the same time.  I wouldn't be the one to ask but the last I heard they were releasing them "matrix" style.  One on the 7th and one about 6 months later in the spring.

Are you a fan of the previous ROTLD films?

ARE YOU KIDDING?! Aside from night of the demons, Return of the living dead is one of my favorites.  I LOVE the first one.  I like the music, The whole punk rock feel, the old lady corpse on the tray yelling..."the paiiiiin ....The paiiiin".  And plus! it starred John philbin(TURTLE  from the movie Northshore!) doesnt get better than that.

Would you like to continue to work in horror?

Of course I would love too!  I have a lot of respect for the work and art that goes into making horror films.  The fans that watch them are the best as well.  IM actually waiting to hear when we are going to start shooting an upcoming film "Sk8r 666".  I play the lead girl "Nikki" in that movie.  SO IM Very excited to get to work on that as well.  You can check out www.sk8r666.com if ya want.

You also did A Cinderella Story in 2004.  That is quite a different role.  What did you find you had to do differently to prepare?

Well, for one my character in Cinderella Story was very "unaffected" by her surroundings. She was punky kinda outcasted. I guess looking like that on set kind of helped...cuz I definitely felt like I wasn't part of the "in" crowd.  And it worked well with developing the attitude of my character.  

Whereas Becky is nerdy but fun loving.  She has friends and cares a lot about them.  Enough to put her life at risk to save them.  I was with that group of actors for 4 months in a foreign land.  WE BONDED.  We were like  brothers (so to speak) all of us.  So that helped with the relationship on screen.  It was more real.

Acting is not your only talent. You are an accomplished singer as well. What was it like to perform with Jon Secada at the Orange Bowl halftime show?

Wow, that was a whiiiile back.  It was amazing, I was 17 in Miami with a group of  8 to 10 girls I went to performing arts school with, and we were in front of what? 80,000 people!!! I did close my eyes and pretend they were all cheering at me.."football game? what football game?"

You also participated in American Idol 2 and fronted for the Punk Band Angels to some Tell us about those experiences.

Ahhh good old american idol.  Starting out in Los Angeles is tough when your trying to meet the right people find your nitch.  On a whim I figured why not.  Sat out in the drizzle for 3 days and nights with some friends only to get bronchitis, pneumonia, and strep throat all in one. I "made it to Hollywood" all the way from the rose bowl in Pasadena! to get in front of Paula and Simon...and well kinda realize this isn't how i want my singing career to be launched..SO i had fun and told em off..I ripped up my number and made a dramatic exit. (its the actress in me)

Angels to Some was a band created by a great friend of mine Buster.  We played around a couple of times but our formula of musicians didn't have enough chemistry to survive.  Next I worked and created an AMAZING album with Producer London Thompson.  And Made a record which is now for sale on ITUNES called "Generation NEXT" .  Actually, one of the songs from that album "TAkin over" is in Return of the Living Dead 5. 

After realizing I wanted more of a real band vibe and do music on my own.  Not with any producers I broke away and some of the guys who played for me when touring around the last album got together and we decided to create our newest musical venture which rocks the most!! "Chasing Aimee"  you can check out our myspace site at  www.myspace.com/chasingaimee  This band is great and we have been doing a lot of gigs around L.A. we are a party for sure.

Would you say that you prefer acting to singing?

I could never do one without the other.  Singing is like my therapy, I need it to survive.  I love being with the band and just that type of release.  However, acting is in my blood. I can  not describe exactly how much I enjoy doing it.  The singing aspect has been a real blessing because in Los Angeles you have a LOT of down time where you get frustrated with auditioning and waiting.  Singing is a great thing to do so you dont really notice the time gaps between things.  And you can always be doing something.  I guess what IM trying to say is..that the answer is ,I want it all:)

If you could work with anyone (past or present) who would it be and why?

Hmmm..musically I would say Jim Morrison. LOVE LOVE LOVE him.  Acting wise there are sooooo many people I would have wanted to work with and want to now.  I can name a few but it would only be icing on the cake.  Kevin Spacey, Tom hanks, Naomi watts, Meg Ryan I think I could play her daughter or  younger sister or something.  Dario Argento, George Romero, Quentin Tarantino , Steven Spielberg, and many many more...

What role do you wish you could have played and how would you do it differently?

Hmm Lots of roles ive wished I could play since I was a child.  I would have loved to play a role like keira knightleys in pirates of the Caribbean.  But she did obviously an amazing job at it.  Perhaps if they Added me into the script or something I would settle for that.lol.

What made you decide that it was time to move to California to further your career?

Lets see could have been the below zero weather, or the fact the summer of 01 i was working in the heat doing a 50s show at six flags New England.  To me back than that was a BIG DEAL.  Being there all summer though I got a taste of performing everyday all day, and wanted more.  I conversed with the BATMAN there and asked his advice...and he said put on your batwings and go.  

So I told everyone I was visiting California for a week or so.  I had 100 bux in my pocket. When I got here I bought a cell phone and never returned back home.  I couch hopped for a while and blindly began my adventure.

What is one thing that you want everyone to know about Aimee Lynn Chadwick?

Well, IM not your average girl.  But anyone who knows me can get that after 5 minutes of being with me.  IM real.  Ive been through a lot in life and I put that into my work.  I truly have a passion for what I do. Its not about being on Top or the "it" girl for me.  I just could never live without doing my art.  I love it sooo much.  That and IM probably the goofiest chick you'll ever hang out with, but I do it for the sake of comedy.

Are you a reader of MoviesOnline/Horror-movies.ca?

Before last year I wasn't but recently I have been checking out all the sites that discuss movies and horror.  It is part of my job I guess to be up to date on what is happening. The Internet is a perfect source for that.

Finally, if you found yourself being overrun by rave-crazy zombies, what are three things you would like to have with you and who would you want by your side?

hahah..ok.  I would want  a flame thrower, getaway jet, and an oozie..and by my side? My trusty sidekick.  My dog.  He is really fast, so he can distract them while I fire up the engine.

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