Sneak Peak : Grave Girls Destroyers of the Dead Issue 2

Coming to stores on June 22nd for $2.99(damn thats a good price) is the horror comic G.R.A.V.E. GRRRLS: DESTROYERS OF THE DEAD ISSUE TWO. Warning this news item is going to take a minute to load since it has some shweet comic art attached.

Courtesy of the publisher we have 4 pages of the comic so you can see the art and style of what looks to be a really kick ass zombie comic.  The flesh eating dead are growing in number and in hunger- and the Grrrls might be next on the menu! As Kami neutralizes the ‚ÄúZombie 88‚Ä? in a gore soaked homage to KILL BILL, Suzi not only has her hands full with the ravenous ghouls but also learns her father (creator of the BORN AGAIN CHIP) may not be as dead as everyone thought.

Creator/writer: Scott Licina
Creator/artist: Ken Wolak
Cover: Justiniano

A Three Issue Mini-Series Devouring Comic Shops Now
FC, 32 pgs, $2.99

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