Is an American Battle Royale on the Way?


Last Saturday we had an interview with the President of Panik House Entertainment. Within that interview I asked him a question that is on everybodies mind concerning a Battle Royale Region 1 DVD. What he had to say really shocked me and quite frankly has me pumped and waiting to see what happens with this film. Here is a tidbit of what he said.

"I heard a while back that somebody had licensed the rights to the novel for an American film, so the whole point may be moot soon enough anyway. The novel didn't take place in any particular country, and as much as I love the original, I have to admit that the idea of watching the students of Degrassi High in an English language free-for-all makes me giddy."

In Battle Royale, each student is given a backpack with minimal supplies and one weapon (some of which appear completely useless). They are given a limited time to kill each other off; failure to do so will result in their own termination, via bomb-enabled collars affixed to their necks. The disbelieving teens are shocked into action when Kitano demonstrates the deadly force of the neck collars, and the murdering quickly begins. Some students band together, some try to figure out how to avoid killing anyone, and some give in eagerly to their basest instincts in order to exact revenge.

If you want to read the entire interview click here.

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