Army of Darkness New Photos

Stumbled on a great site for Army of Darkness goodies. I have put up 3 more photos from the movie up but if you want hundreds of great pics you really need to visit this site. The description of this site is the following:

Welcome to the second edition of my Army of Darkness page. My name is Robin Calvin and I am a real fan of Bruce Campbell and his movies. Since Army of Darkness happens to be my all-time favourite movie, it was quite natural for me to create my own webpage about it. When my first AOD-page opened in October 1996, I recieved a lot of ecouraging E-mail from AOD-fans from all over the world. Since then I have put down much time and effort in the creation of this second edition of the page, which now has grown to a whole archive. Enjoy!

With that said do just that, go and enjoy, click on the link below!

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