The Roost is heading to Showtime


The Roost is really getting a lot of attention recently. It appears that after the screenings in LA it was scooped up by Showtime. They will in turn slap it on cable and than release it on DVD right after Vitagraph does its rounds with the film in a couple of theatres.

Showtime is really becoming a horror fans best friend. With Masters of Horror coming soon and now The Roost this sounds like a good time to call up my cable operator and order myself some premium channels. No word on when The Roost will air but I would expect it to happen within a couple months.

Part of a "special" late-nite television program...Four friends on their way to a wedding find themselves marooned on a mysterious farm. Creatures of the night awaken and the undead rise, as a night of relentless horror...Begins!

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