Death Plots: Sitting Vigil now Complete

I just received an email from Jason Liquori (Producer/Director) of Death Plots, and here's what he had to say about the status of his upcoming release:

SITTING VIGIL is the third of four shorts to be completed for DEATH PLOTS.  With this film the tone changes to a very serious one as a young girl faces death and her aunt struggles to save her from the Grimm Reaper's clutches. 

Melissa Morse, from "Dark Rose: 700 Year Itch", returns as Samantha's Aunt Mia and she is determined not to let Death have the little girl's life. Just prior to the moment of her demise Samantha (Skyler Anderson) summons her aunt into a fever induced nightmare where the two face off against The Grimm Reaper himself. Melissa Morse coordinated the fight shot by Jason L. Liquori.

The movie also features the talents of Priscilla Dubas, Garret Harrison and Henry T. Davis. The fourth and final movie for DEATH PLOTS, "My Stalker, Death", is slated to be shot and cut next month. Liquori hopes to have the collection ready for a mid-August release. He admits it is an ambitious schedule, but with NolanCon around the corner he wants to be prepared.

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