EXCLUSIVE: New Animated Zombie Film: City of Rott


Today I was lucky enough to snag some exclusive images from this awesome looking animated zombie film, City of Rott. Now this film is not gonna be your family friendly animated zombie movie either. There brains being bashed in, guts being eaten, everything and anything that makes a great zombie flick.

This little film is being put together by director Frank Sudol and Blackarro Productions. They plan on releasing the film straight to DVD with no set release date yet. I've got say the images they sent us are pretty cool especially when you got an old man with a walker kicking zombie ass.

City of Rott is a modern city. There's a number of stores, malls, office buildings, apartments, gas stations and deli stops. There's even a park. Rott city is a big place. And Fred will explore it as far as his tired old legs can take him.

But it's not a vacant city. Not by any means. Hidden in the alleyways, await hundreds of the living dead, desperately waiting for their next meal to arrive, while they slowly rot away. The worms are taking over..

You can check out the rest of our exclusive images here. Also be sure to check out the trailer for the film on ifilm.

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