Urban Legends: Bloody Mary Star Michael Coe Interview


We had a chance to interview Michael Coe the co-stars of "Urban Legends: Bloody Mary'.

The film starts with three high-school girls mysteriously disappearing on homecoming night, only to reappear the next day with no memory of what happened.

Soon, those responsible for this "prank" start getting murdered in the manner of urban legends, and one of the girls and her brother try to solve the mystery.

Q. Thanks Michael for taking the time to do this interview. To get things going, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself? I know you come from a "big family" (and that’s an understatement).

Right, a great big family, I love it! I have eight brothers and four sisters, five older siblings and seven younger. I was made in 83’ in the scorching desert, Mesa, Arizona. Eventually the strings of life pulled me to Utah, where my Arizona blood froze, and where I found that acting was my cloud-nine.

The moment I stepped foot on that theater stage, my freshman year, I didn’t step off till I graduated. I played the lead role in eight of my high school plays, several one acts and plenty of state-wide competitions. All the while, being the president of our school drama guild. I graduated as the school’s awarded "Sterling Scholar for Theater" with a 3.49 GPA, five academic letters, four for theater, one for film, and one for business. Post high school I pursued professional acting, it was what I knew best. At the time, my agent ran his tiny business out of his living room. He was my "Jerry Maguire" he was driven, confident, intelligent, and a friend. Now he’s among the most successful agents in Utah, with offices branching into L.A. and Vegas.

I remember I booked my first auditions, a couple of short film projects for a church organization. Later, came Everwood, a dream come true for me. I worked a half a dozen shows for with this production, three principals and three featured. Then back to the heat waves for me, I moved back to Arizona to pursuit education in Motion Picture Production. I WILL be making movies the rest of my life, one way or another!

Q. Tell us what Urban Legends: Bloody Mary is about, as well as your character - Buck Jacoby

The film is essentially about revenge. Back in 69’ some rough wrong doings were done to an innocent high school girl named Mary (Lillith Fields), on her prom night by some chump sleazy jocks. She’s locked and left in an old chest to die.

Well, some 30-odd years later, a couple of similar high school girls find entertainment by chanting a common urban legend; you know the Bloody Mary one. Well, whether the girls actually wanted to summon Bloody Mary is now irrelevant, she’s BACK! And she wants revenge on the offspring of anyone involved in her "accident."

Buck Jacoby (Michael Coe), captain of the football team, just happens to be the son of a 69’ chump sleazy jock. Not only that, but he’s also having run-ins with Samantha (Kate Mara) similar to those that Mary had with the jocks in 69’. Being that Mary is now "Bloody" or "Supernatural" she does quite a successful job getting her ripe revenge.

Q. How did you get involved with this film?

Shortly after the move back to Arizona, my Utah Agent, Aaron Yun, lines me up with a huge audition for Urban Legends: Bloody Mary. The next day I was soaring above the clouds on my way back to Salt Lake City. I nailed the pre-screen audition and crashed on my buddies couch for a couple days till the call-back.

I met the director Mary Lambert; this was great for me because as a child I was a HUGE fan of her "Pet Sematary’s." I had no idea what to think of the audition; Mary cut me short and didn’t see half of my prepared sides. So I flew home to AZ and waited… and waited. Then I got news big enough to change my life. I was hired, as Buck Jacoby. So me and my trusty car left for Utah, where I spent several weeks in production, and on my friends couch (thanks Nate.) And now I’m back at my studies in Scottsdale, waiting for my next auditions.

Q. How was it working with the other cast members? Any interesting stories to tell?

This film has an awesome, talented cast of rising stars. Kate Mara as you can imagine is a delight, she’s focused and intelligent in her acting choices. Robert Vito is a natural, this kids got it going on he knows what the camera likes and he knows how to give it. Both of these actors were great to work with, they know how to give and receive.

Q. How does this film (Urban Legends: Bloody Mary) differ from the other two installments?

Unlike the other films this movie involves a supernatural killer, and like the other films the killer fancies Urban Legends as her way of executing.

Q. It wouldn’t be an Urban Legend movie without some of the deaths "Urban Legend related" – what can we expect to see?

Well, right off the bat it starts with getting locked alive in a chest left to starve to death. Then we lose a character to a tanning bed accident. The heat keeps increasing cooking his skin ever so slowly, to bad he cant’s seem to get that dumb tanning bed door open. Talk about a huge lawsuit. Oh yeah and pissing on an electrical fence will kill you as you’ll see in the film.

Buck nearly gets smashed by a venting machine while trying to rip it off, then chugs a 40oz. with his best friend’ finger floating inside. Yuck! Oh and I can’t forget about how Buck’s cute rottweiler gets gutted and strung up in his motel closet. If you like spiders and you like zits then you’ll probably not want to watch Heather’s (Audra Lea Keener) death because it will ruin both of them for you. One more thing, if spiders DO come out of your zits don’t try to cleanse your face with broken glass shards it WILL irritate your skin.

Q.  While filming, did you or any of the cast members stand in front of a mirror and try out the Bloody Mary Urban Legend?

You know I really regret not doing that. I didn’t even think about it, stupid me! Hmm… I’m not sure if anyone else did, but I will say that when we wrapped the film everyone was accounted for. So if someone did try it then I don’t think it worked. Oh well.

Q.  What would be your favorite moment in Urban Legends: Bloody Mary?

To be quite honest I love my motel scene the most, and not just because it’s mine… oh alright that is why. But it’s also an awesome horror movie death. Beer, venting machine theft, scrambled porn, gutted dog, and a monster under the bed. Who could ask for more!

Q.  Do you have a favorite Urban Legend?

Well, not to promote the film but I would say the Bloody Mary legend. I remember as a child my sister and attempted this trick in our bathroom, and the fact that she squirted fake blood on the mirror when the lights were out didn’t help my young and naïve fears.

Q. How was the experience in working in your first feature film?

It was a dream come true. I’ve never had so much fun in my life. I eat, sleep and drink acting and to get an opportunity like this was my nirvana! I anticipate a lot more feature film experiences in my life, that’s what I keep asking God for, and he’s a good listener.

Q. Now that you’ve worked in both mediums – TV and Film, how do they compare and which do you prefer?

So far in my experiences as an actor the two mediums are very similar. I love the opportunity that television offers to play and develop one character through out a series of seasons. I would really love to land a permanent spot on a T.V. show. I love film just as much or more, there’s just something very magical about movies. They’re a very powerful medium of expression.

Q.  Are you a fan of horror films, and what are some of your favorites?

I’m a HUGE fan of horror films! I loved all the Freddy Kruger movies and the first Jason movie and Freddy vs. Jason was good too. I remember having nightmares as a child after watching Misery with Kathy Bates; she actually directed an Everwood episode I was in. That was SWEET! I’ve seen both pet cemetery movies over four times each.

Pet Sematary 2 rocked! My DVD shelf is currently harboring The Ring, The Grudge, the newest rendition of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Poltergeist, The Exorcist and Exorcist: The Beginning, as well as Saw and The Lost Boys.

Q.  Outside of your own, what horror films are you looking forward to seeing this year?

Definitely George A Romero’s Land of the Dead! Also, Dark Water looks pretty good and so did some pics I saw of Undead.

Q.  What’s next for Michael Coe? Any future projects we should be on the lookout for?

I have a couple of auditions pending, including another horror movie. But otherwise I’m actually producing and directing my own films through my college right now. So I don’t know what my future holds but you can expect to see me again. Film is my language.

Q.  Last I read you was studying Motion Picture Production at Scottsdale Community College. How’s that coming along or are you already done?

I’m a couple of semesters in, so I still have quite a lengthy road ahead of me and I don’t intend to finish in Scottsdale. My intentions are to move to L.A. next year and continuing schooling and auditioning down there.

Q.  If you could pick your next film, as well as the director and co-star – what would it be and with whom?

I’m such a buff for medieval fantasy! I would love to lead a fantasy film directed by Rob Reiner. As for co-starring I would love to work with so many different actors, including Leonardo Dicaprio or Elisha Cuthbert, John Malkovich or Clea Duvall, Ryan Gosling or Tom Cruise. The list is forever long.

Q.  If you were ever caught in a George Romero Zombie movie and the world had come to an end as we know it, what would you do and why?

I would devote my life to the church and become a paladin, with a holy symbol in one hand and my +5 Holy Avenger in the other I would slay and rebuke these infidels. Then upon my holy mount I would ride the nation saving villages and exorcizing the demons.

Q.  What advice can you give to somebody, who is interested in acting, especially if they don’t know how to get started?

The best advice I can give is Believe, and give it time. Lot’s of time. Don’t ever cut yourself short, go for your dreams and if you’re honest in your craft it will pay off. Plan for it to takes years for any success don’t expect immediate results.

Do not give up and don’t take rejection personal. If you keep hitting auditions you’re bound to meet a director who sees you’re potential. You will not know when meet that director so be always be ready and perfect at every audition.

Q. Again, thank you very much for this interview and before we leave, is there anything else you want to say about Urban Legends: Bloody Mary or just parting words in general?

I appreciate the opportunity of this interview and the purpose of Horror-Movies.ca.  Thanks again and long live Motion Pictures!

-Michael Coe

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