Dead Days Chapter 1 : Rene Gets a Rude Awakening!

Dean Valent

The sun came up over the hill shining brightly on the wet morning grass of a suburban landscape. Well trimmed grass, manacured yards and row upon row of strip housing. As the sun broke through the upstairs window of Rene's house, he opened his eyes. Looking around at the clutter of his room he stepped out of bed onto the cold floor. It was going to be another hot summer day and the early morning coolness would soon pass. As Rene got up he moved into the washroom kicking a stack of dvds out of the way.

Rene stood in the washroom splashing cool water on his face getting ready to head into another daily grind in the office. As he stood reflecting on his image in the mirror and the days worth of stuble on his face, he heard a knock at the door... Stumbling half asleep through his bedroom he headed down the narrow stairway and past the big bay window in his living room and opened the door. Half blinded by the bright light coming through the door he soon realizes the stranger standing in his doorway is a sweaty and distressed Police Officer.

"Sir you need to leave your home, we have to quarantine this area, due to an outbreak.". Laughing, Rene replied "An outbreak? Is that the scientific term for somebody fucked up?" Looking past the cop Rene didnt see anything out of the usual.

The cop looked at Rene with a panicked look and repeated "Sir this is not a good time for smart comments. There is a serious problem and we need to quarantine the entire block right away. Please come with me and we will give you a lift to John Francis High School where we have setup a make shift holding center". As the Officer said this Rene noticed large military trucks driving slowly down the street and soldiers jumping out at each house.

Noticing that Rene saw this the Officer spoke again "Listen buddy its better you come with me now, you really dont want to be here in 20 minutes". Realizing something was seriously amiss Rene asked the officer: "Can I bring some things with me? I haven't even gotten dressed yet" "No" the Officer replied "We need to go right now". Just as he said that gunfire broke out up the block, ducking inside the Door Rene looked through the living room bay window to see Soldiers firing into his Neighbours house. Glass was exploding out of the windows as Soldiers fired wildly into the windows, and an assault team broke down the front door.

"Quickly, lets go" the officer yelled as he ran towards his parked cruiser in the driveway. Grabbing his briefcase, Rene ran for the car, realizing as he did he not only still had just his boxers on but that he was also not wearing any shoes. The rough gravel of the driveway bit into his feet as he ran. Jumping into the police car, the officer threw the car into drive and sped down the street...

As Rene sat in the passenger seat of the car he realized this was not going to be his typical day at the office. As the Officer drove down the street he was veering around the Military Trucks they had seen earlier "Hey man are we not going to stop for my neighbours?" Rene asked the Officer. Without taking his eyes off the road the office replied "Trust me you dont want me stopping for them now, take my word for it."

As he said this Rene saw his Neighbour Tim Stilles jump from his second story window shattering debris and glass on the soldiers below firing into the living room window. As they sped away, he turned to see Tim get up off the ground, somehow unhurt from the fall and lunge into the three soldiers ..."what the fuck is going on" Rene mumbled aloud to himself. Overhearing him the Office replied "We dont know.. we got a 911 call this morning, some kid attacked his mother and since then they have been dispatching patrol calls all over this block. About 2 hours ago I got word soldiers were randomly kicking in doors, but this is the first street where I have seen soldiers shooting at civilians. Just be glad you are safe in the car with me".

As the office said that he made a sharp right onto the Hanlon Speedway, the main route to John Francis HighSchool... Rene thought to himself, 'What about my family? Why did my neighbour lunge at those soldiers? How the hell did the fall not kill him?' As he sat thinking the traffic thickened as cars all heading in the same direction started getting backed up.. the assumption in Rene's mind was that they were all going to the same place. Hopefully there will be more answers at the High School.....

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