Dead Days Chapter 2 : Assault on Tim Stiles Home


The half track pulled to a stop in front of one of the non-descript houses on the block and soldiers began piling out. Sitting in the back was Scott a private with the 64th Regiment. Dispatched to quell some sort of mob. Scott jumped out of the back of the truck with the other soldiers and fell into formation on the sidewalk beside the rest of his squad. Out of the corner of his eyes he caught the name T. Stiles on the mailbox. As they formed up their Seargent jumped down from the front seat of the truck and yelled "Alright men lets go... this house needs to be cleared. I want you three to form up on the lawn and you other two" gesturing at Scott and another soldier named Jim "on the front porch." Just then gun fire erupted from inside the house and a single shot dropped one of the soldiers on the lawn, bleeding on the wet grass.

The other two remaining soldiers looked at the Seargent from the truck for direction "Return fire". The two soldiers flipped off their safeties and fired into the living room window where they had been fired on from. Looking at Scott and Jim Sarge yelled "Breach the house, and bring whoever is in there out, willing or not.". Looking through the small glass window in the door Scott could make out nothing. It was still early enough that you could make out nothing but morning shadows of the furniture and the kitchen light which somebody had left on.

Opening the door Scott made his way into the main hallway with Jim close behind him covering his back. Looking into the living room a woman lay bleeding, in a pool of blood a 22 rifle in her dead grip. On her back was a bloody sore that looked like a dog or some sort of animal had bit her. Scott made his way through the darkened living room, crouching long enough to check her pulse and confirm what he already knew, she was dead. Most likely shot by the soldiers on the front lawn. But why did she shoot at us? Scott wondered.

"Jim are you there?" Scott whispered hoarsely without looking back. "Yeah man I am here." Jim whispered back. "I am heading up stairs to see what the hell is going on, you stay here and cover the stairs. Make sure nobody sneaks up behind me. She's dead but who knows who else is in here. Looks like something bit her, might be a dog, might be what she was shooting at.". Scott moved towards the stairs and started up them scanning the empty stair well above him as he went. Just then he heard an animal like scream and heard shattering glass. "Jim" scott yelled "You alright?". Hearing no reply Scott ran back down the stairs to find Jim missing from the bottom of the stairs.

"Jim?" Scott yelled "Where the hell are you?" Scanning the room with his rifle he came to the big bay window, distinct to all the houses in this neighbourhood and notices a fight on the lawn. Outside the lawn was now covered in broken glass and what looked like debris from a window frame and lots of glass. On top of that the three soldiers who had been left to cover the front of the house all lay on the front lawn screaming and bleeding. A bloody man wrestling with them and appeared to be biting at them like a rabid animal.

Keeping his gun on the window Scott moved towards it "Hey, what the hell is going on?". he yelled angrily. The man turned revealing blood all over his face and neck. The man lunges at the glass smashing his face on it bluntly. Raising his gun up... Scott fires three times through the glass hitting the man in the chest. Screaming and flailing as the glass breaks around him he falls to the ground and out of sight into the garden below the window.

Realizing his friends are in need of help and that he is standing in a room with a dead woman, Scott runs for the door, as he moves towards the door he trips, as he falls he makes out the body he has tripped over. It looks like Jim. As Scott recovers to his feet nad is about to check if his friend is ok, he is met with a scene worse then any nightmare. People running bleeding and screaming around the street... and worst of all a mob of moaning and bleeding people moving quickly towards him... in a panic Scott looked towards the idling truck that had dropped them off. As he does the man from the garden lunged on him. As Scott flails, screaming out the man bites deeply into his shoulder, and he falls under the weight of the attacker. As he struggles to get up he realizes the bloody people from up the street were now running in his direction. Soon they were on him ... and the screaming stopped..... Tim Styles home has been over-run.

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