Goons DVD Release Guide for 6/28


Back once again to give you my top 3 DVD picks for this week as well as the other garabge that goes straight to the $5 dollar bin at Wal-Mart. Now this week we have a real diverse list of movies coming out everything from underground craziness in Bizarre to low budget slasher Slaughterhouse Massacre.

Shallow Ground Movie Photo GalleryNow I'm gonna start off this list with my most anticipated film for awhile now Shallow Ground. We managed to get alot of exclusive coverage from this movie and everything I have seen come out from the camp that worked on the film has been amazing. I can't say enough about this flick except make sure you run out and grab a copy!

Tetsuo: The Ironman Movie Photo GalleryNext up is Tetsuo: The Ironman. This film has been praised by Japanese horror fans forever and I have yet to see it. Probably because I have heard it compared to Eraserhead which I just thought was arthouse trash rather than an eye opening film. But Shinya Tsukamoto is well known for bringing his own element of horror to films with efforts like Hiruko the Goblin.

Nightmare Movie Photo GalleryLastly I'm gonna go with Ahn Byeong-ki's "Nightmare". Keep in mind I have never seen the film but I would suggest it based on his other film "Phone". Byeong-ki is credited for bring horror to Korea and he did so with this film. He proved to everyone that Japan isn't the only country that knows there horror.

Well those are my three top picks and along with those here are the rest of the films being released on June 28th:

The Sisterhood
Decadent Evil
Slaughterhouse Massacre


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