Tooth Fairy: Principal Casting is Complete


The principal casting for Chuck Bowman's "Tooth Fairy" has now been completed and I'm pleased to say that one of the deadman's personal favorite "Ladies of Horror" has been casted to be in this film - P.J. Soles, "Like totally!"  

Rounding out the cast for Tooth Fairy will be two vets from Freddy vs Jason - Lochlyn Monro and Jesse Hutch, also Carrie Anne Flemming (Masters of Horror: Jenifer), Chandra West (White Noise), and Nicole Munoz are onboard.

In this version of the scary tooth fairy "sub genre" the story centers on a 12-year-old girl named Pamela who goes on vacation with her family to a bed and breakfast, where a strange girl named Emma who lives next door tells her the story of the malevolent Tooth Fairy. Many years before, this evil being slaughtered a series of children to take their teeth, and now she has returned to come after Pamela and kill anyone who gets in her way.

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